The Tour prides itself on working with cutting edge of technology to make your racing experience safe and scored without human error.

Raceceivers are required to compete at any Tour track. These units have allowed our Tour to have instantaneous communication with drivers for lineups, lapped cars and on-track safety information. Each track uses an individual frequency that you will be informed of during the pit meeting. You should have a spare set of ear phones and batteries, as its not uncommon to use a set of batteries every couple of nights.

Transponders are also required to compete at any Tour track. We use the popular AMB (My Laps) systems that have an electronic loop buried under the track surface that sends a signal to a single receiver on a computer when you cross the start-finish line. This takes the human element out of scoring while allowing drivers to check their lap-by-lap times online after the event.

Transponders are available rental at each track for $25.00

Locations for car location are also specified for correct operation and to keep consistency in scoring.

Transponder Installation Specifications IMCA Modifieds: Right side on the mid plate. IMCA Stocks: Street Stocks must have the transponder mounted on the right side, inside the frame, approximately 21-23 inches behind the lower ball joint.

Transponders must be mounted on the passenger side (right side.) Mount as low as possible, slightly above the lower frame rail or the lowest protected point. The maximum height is 24 inches above the ground but the signal is strongest the closer to the track loop. The lower the better on the car is the general rule of thumb. Avoid or protect from engine/exhaust heat. Mount securely. The racer is responsible for damage to rental units. The centerline of the transponder will be the arrow on the body or on the bracket. The arrow shows the mounting directions.